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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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at least or about 16 more. live in rockville, bruce leshan, w wusa 9. >> just awful to hear those details, bruce. the montgomery county office prosecuted the case. and our friends. montgomery county has convinced judges three times now to exclude junk science that questions the legitimacy of shaken baby syndrome. there's breaking news we're following out of gaithersburg, maryland right now. where police are on the scene of a fatal shooting. sky 9 over the scene here on hawk run terrace, in montgomery. officers went there, asking to see if they could call about shots fired. just after 2:00 this afternoon. upon arriving at the scene. found a deceased male. police say 5 people are being questioned. no word yet on the identity or why he is being shot. this is montgomery county's >>ird homicide of the year.
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over your safety on the rail. the federal government just nounced it is yanking millions of dollars from metro. now, transit systems from maryland are losing money, all because state lawmakers missed a deadline to help metro. >> adam, this is the big impact. $9 million in federal help is being repealed. even metro itself. the feds blame maryland and virginia lawmake areless. -- lawmakerless. the deadline was yesterday. they just sent this letter to say it did tails the project -- details the project for losing money. the metro crash. the fda has been pushing to make this new safety oversight program. the feds have been picking up the slack so far. then a year ago, then- transportation secretary anthony fox set the deadli
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just spoke to metro chair jack evans. he is angry about this. he called this action foolhardy and irresponsible. he wanted the deadline extended. he said state legislators just don't move fast enough. maybe 9 months. d.c. has already done its part. here, bouncers signed the city bill in december. they say they're disappointed by this latest move. pete muntean, wusa 9. >> president trump and the first family and japan's prime minister, shinzo shinzo shinzo abe. -- shinzo abe. earlier trade agreement.
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>> president trump pulled the united states out of the transpacific partnership trade deal, with the two leaders will continue to talk this weekend. >> during his news conference today, with prime minister abe, president trump said he will take new steps next week to keep america safe. and it comes after a judge of appellate judges refused to reinstate his executive order, from would bar citizens from seven muslim majority countries, from entering the united states. after the decision, the president tweeted, see you in court. the justice department has 14 days to appeal. >> today, in alexandri athe state of virginia made its case, challenging president president trump's travel ban. lawyers for the commonwealths called the executive order, the result of animus from muslims. a judge explained that they provided no evidence of a national security threat. the court did not issue a ruling today.
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several loudoun county high schools expressed their frustration over the travel bans. dozens of teens walked out of class. wusa 9's stephanie gailhard shows us what happened to one of these schools. >> you can see the high school students sitting on the sidewalk now. all of them walked out of class today, here at broad run high school in loudoun county. they're protesting president trump's travel ban. >> be proud of the fact that you're an immigrant. >> you organized the walkout. tell me why. >> so i organized it because i wanted to show how much color immigrants bring to america. and how empty our classrooms and our schools are, without immigration. >> the land of the free should be the land of the free for everyone. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> the united states is a country completely founded by immigrants to try and deny certain people their right to enter the country is to destroy the american dream. >> if there's something going on in our country, it's putting us down on a darker path. e
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it. >> school resource officers and school security are out here to make sure the students stay safe during this walk out -- walkout. school administrators say they will likely face consequences for leaving the school early, likely 1 detention. in loudoun county, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. somebody went through a lot of trouble to express through silver spring. they painted the word, bridges not walls over the space that carries freight trains. lawmakers may remember that same bridge contained the words, surrender dorothy, before it was cleaned up. that was a reference to the oz- like mormon temple that is just down the road. newly confirmed education secretary betsy devos was greeted with protests. protestors tried blocking her car. one demonstrator was arrested. the secretary and the school's chancellor met with students for an hour and a
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and later, betsy devos issued a statement saying, she respects the right to peaceably protest. and she will not be deterred. we'll have much more on her visit tonight, coming up at 6:00. it was back to school tonight for some, while others remain at home. all of this while we continue to learn more about the spread of an illness at oak ridge elementary school in arlington. as of now, they say it remains unclear what is causing the sickness. although they tell us norovirus is a likely suspect during the time of year. and the symptoms. the school district says as many as 80 students is absent due to the sickness in the last week. >> a lot of people have been going home because they were sick. >> like seven people have gone out of my class in two days. >> i felt so sick. and my heart was beating so fast. >> there's been a lot of my friends going, so i feel kind of sad. >> hopefully they all get better soon. in response, the health department asked hem to clean the building.
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regularly wash their hands. a funeral procession today in southern maryland for a brave little boy who lost his battle with a rare form of cancer. 4-year-old nolan scully died on saturday night. and you can see all of those firetrucks and emergency vehicles, all lined up to salute him. the leonardtown boy had been fighting this disease for more than a year and a half. his plight inspired the hashtag, nolandstrong on twitter. and many of you left well wishes and pictures. if you have a child with special needs, you know that doctors and therapies are expensive. and it is an upward climb to make the children feel included. >> but today, for a few hours on the ice, those road blocks melted away. debra alfarone takes us inside of a special program that has changed the world for a little boy named braden, who has autism. >> if you could ice skate all day, would you? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> if there's one thing 5-year- old braden siegel likes more than the microphone -- >> oh, you're rv
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now. i like this. >> it's being on the ice. >> he has a lot of physical limitations. he has balance coordination issues, muscle tone issues. he can't go to the playground and play similar to the other kids. he can't do basketball because he gets too overwhelmed. >> reporter: oh. but he can skate. >> he wanted them to feel empowered and inspired through these activities so they know they can accomplish just as much as able-bodied people. >> this is what joy looks like. braden was one of about 80 kids with special needs on the ice at kettler's capital ice complex. it's all thanks to nonprofit dreams for kids, d.c. braden's mom said simply, it's changed his life. hers, too. >> so the huge moments that are such highs, where they're accomplishing something that you never thought they'd be able to accomplish. yeah.
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where you kind of get to go in a little. >> with braden, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> he's a cute little boy. dreams for kids d.c. also offers cooking classes to prom and other sports clinics. and it's all for free. 100 volunteers help the kids today, including many from dark hars. if you'd like to donate or volunteer, we have a link on our wusa 9 app. we're justice getting start the on wusa 9 at 5:00. we have a partial lunar eclipse. what happens is the sun and moon, the earth casts a shadow on the moon. we'll come back and tell you. and if clouds will allow us to see anything. also ahead, young girls, victimized. take action to keep other children from being harmed. metro's next phase of safe track shuts down a section of one rail line for the next 18 days. >> and performances, awards,
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local bands. your two-minute climber on what to expect on this sunday's grammy wards. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen,
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tracking metro after almost two months off. thousands of riders will have to rethink their commutes. blue line will be shut down from rosalyn to the pentagon. and that's going to last for 18 days. the reigning queens of pomp. beyonce and adele. they're going head to head for the top horn -- honors at the 59th grammy awards this sunday. >> we'll be here, too. this year's show will have a feature of all-star lineup of performances. danielle nottingham has a preview of music's biggest night from los angeles. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i must have called
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thousand times ♪ >> it's the battle of two vocal p.o.w. houses -- powerhouses. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i go hard >> it's sort of tradition versus the bold new frontier. >> beyonce and adele are up for the night's three top awards. while the grammys get in formation. ♪ [ music ] >> or beyonce's lemonade. or say hello -- >> hello from the outside. >> to adele's 25. >> feel like it's going to go beyonce's way this year. she represented what pop music was in 2016. ♪ [ music ] >> beyonce leads the pack with nine nominations. ♪ [ music ] >> newcomer chance the rapper has seven. he made grammy's history with coloring books. the first streaming-only album to receive a nomination. it could also be a big night for country artist sturgil simpson. up for album of the year and best country album. >> a new
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stage sunday night. the late, late show's james corden will make his debut. >> corden is now a household name. but the humble host says he's still nervous. >> to just be part of it. to be around it. to be in its o bit for but a moment is really, really not lost on me how lucky i am. >> reporter: bruno mars will bring his 24-carat magic to the stage. but one of the most anticipated moments of the night will be tributes to late music greats george michael and prince. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. and other confirmed performers include adele, simpson, keith urban, lady gaga, metallica, and alicia keys. >> it's going to be quite a show. and there will be local performers, including soja, a reggae band from old dominion. i love them. it's called live from virginia. we have been tracking the
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career of soja for sometime now. i interviewed them when they were up for a grammy a couple of years ago from their album, "amid the noise and haste ." brothers osborne are hoping to come home with an awards. originally from southern maryland, the band is nominated for best uncotry duo performance. they are recognized for their song 21 summer as much as we're wishing them well. adam, top. we're going to be the game. being on social media all night long. we'll be talking about music and fashion and anything else that comes up. >> i may not talk about fashion. >> which doesn't include snow. because it's los angeles. >> okay. >> then join us. we'll wrap it all up for you on wusa 9 news at 11:00. i can bet there will be a point you chime in. >> not going to happen. we're going to move on to some news, friends. officials say it could take days to repair a ruptured pipe that has led to a massive sewage leak in prince george's
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county. it's estimated that 3 million gallons of raw sewage has seeped into piscataway creek in ackeek, -- accokeek, maryland. the waterway is a tributary to the potomac river. the problem, we should say, is not affecting drinking water in the area. good news. much of the northeast is still digging out from the first big snowstorm of the year. crews are attempting to restore power to cape cod after a fast- moving nor'easter slammed into massachusetts. that storm took a deadly turn in new york city, when a doorman fell down the stairs and crashed through a glass window. and then an suv, going way too fast, look at that, ended up parked inside this house in new hampshire. >> thoo that's how fast you want to be driving. >> how the households up. >> you wonder -- they said speed and slippery roads caused it. but i wonder if he just couldn't control it. it was icy under there. >> looks like he was going wa
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moving storm. because you could have buried him with more snow. it was just a classic nor'easter for them. mmm. >> just missed it. >> sorry. let's talk about our lunar eclipse. our partial lunar eclipse. and i'll tell you, the clouds are not going to cooperate. and here's the deal. it's going to be very subtle. okay? not a full -- it's going to be a not a full shadow. so you have to look very carefully, just to see a little darkening on the moon. that's going to be about quarter to 8:00. and then it will eventually slow. about&by the time we get to 9:53, it will be out of the shadow. 3-degree guarantee. pretty excited about that. i think we did okay. i lowered it from 41 to 40 last night. we'll let you know how you did tonight at 11:00. the low, coldest we have been so far in february downtown. here with the clouds. 37 right now. dew point, 7. that's pretty
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your indoor humidity running probably around 10, 9%. so it's pretty dry air mass. headlines go like this. mostly cloudy tonight. but not as cold. so if you have plans, you know, you need a coat, but it's not going to be bitterly cold. plan your outdoor activities tomorrow. i normally don't say that in february. but you can. even a bike ride or a jog. milder tomorrow, just a stray shower. then warmer on sunday, with mainly afternoon showers as a cold front pushes through in the afternoon. but the warmer of the two days will be sunday. the better of the two days might be saturday, in terms of showers am 10:00 tonight. breaks in the clouds. but a lot of clouds. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. 39 downtown. 33 in frederick. we'll take you to saturday morning. notice, notice -- no one is below freezing. even 40 degrees to start the day on saturday, downtown. breaks in the clouds in the morning. temperatures go back to near 50. this is 10:00. already 50 in culpepper. notice the arrows. it's a nice southwest wind. and that will push the temps
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to 60 degrees by 1:00 tomorrow an. by 6:00 p.m., we're still 60 degrees. that is kind of crazy. and even 55 in leesburg. 56 in manassas. and even at niech:00 tomorrow night, we're -- 9:00 tomorrow night, we're in the 40s to 50s. it's going to be an april-like weekend. mostly cloudy, breezy. we'll say 28 to 38, with the southwest winds 10 to 15 will keep us on the warmer side, milder side, compared to last night. maybe 39 to start. 40 at 7:00. 45 at 9:00. breaks in the clouds. 53 at 11:00. but more clouds and sun tomorrow. 60 -- 60 by 1:00 with a southwest wind. sunday, mainly afternoon showers. and 67 degrees. now, we are looking at -- howard and i went back and forth on this. it's going to be a yellow alert sunday. i don't think 67 and shower would warrant alerts in february. would in jun
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kind of blustery monday as well. okay. tuesday, nice for valentine's day. 54. some snow showers possible wednesday and thursday as a possible storm we'll watch wednesday night into thursday. next friday, sunshine, with temps in the mid-40s again. >> just give it up. straight ahead. volunteers start a human chain to rescue beached whales. good news is the bad news for the next version of the iphone. i'll tell you all about both and more in tonight's consumer alert.
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in tonight's consumer alert, the uncertainty of president trump's travel ban is already impacting business travel to the united states. according to the travel data company, forward keys, flights booked to the united states dropped 6 1/2% compared to last year, during the week that executive order was in place. bookings from the banned 7 places on the list were down 80%. apple is planning major
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upgrades for its 10th upgrade. especially it will have wireless charging and a bigger screen. but the pan asian group, kgi security says those enhancements will boost the price of a new iphone to more than $1,000. ouch. victoria's secret and calvin klein are struggling to get people to buy their underwear. so amazon thinks the time is right to launch its own line of intimate apparel. the e-commerce retailer plans to make its iris and lily label on a website in a couple of weeks. amazon already sells its bras in europe for under $10. >> giver me that link, would you? heart disease can run in families. it does in meteorologist howard bernstein's family. so he is sharing what heart love means to him. >> i recall my dad going into the hospital. whenhe
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uple heart bypass. my cousin perry before he was 40, he dropped dead of a massive heart attack. i know the genetics are there and something i have to fight. but at least i've got that knowledge, that information about cholesterol and blood pressure and weight, things that i can control. so hopefully when i get my heart love, i'll be around for my son and my wife for many years to come. >> on wednesday, you can learn more about the importance of family history and your health. we're holding two heart love screenings. you can ask doctors questions, get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. and a lot more all for free. the heart love screenings will be in prince george's county, and in the district. in prince george's, we'll be at the wayne curry sports and learning center in hyattsville. or you can come here to the wusa 9 studios in northwest d.c. again, the tests are free. wednesday, february 15th. and they're going to run from 4:00 to 8:00. and you'll get to meet some of the wusa 9 anchor team at each of those stops. coming up,
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trip to maryland's eastern shore. to learn more about harriet tubman and the underground railroad. new developments tonight over controversies involving kellyanne conway, promoting ivanka trump's fashion line. young victims of a horrible crime, push for changes in the law to protect other children.
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a new effort is under way. coming from a local high school student who was abused herself. our policy is not to identify victims of sexual abuse, especially children. >> but in this case, we're making an exception. because both the teenager and her parents think it will make a difference. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox with this exclusive interview. in the summer of 2011, three 9- and 10-year-old girls were molested by one of their best friend's fathers. it happened in the middle of the night, while they were in their sleeping bags. now those girls are teenagers. and one of them is telling her story on camera to us to bring awareness and change. >> when i was 9 and i was attacked, i had no idea what had happened. >> caitlin now 15, says if she had known about sexual abuse when she was molested by michael gardner, things might
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run away. or i would have run to the phone, called my parents. >> reporter: caitlin her parents and other supporters, started the organization and website called, we support the girls. to advocate for the prevention of child sex abuse. telling her story has been the first step. >> in the early years, it's when i was attacked. i wanted to stay away. i didn't want people to know. and now, getting my story out there. and people seeing me and learning what has happened, is something that make me feel like a stronger person. >> they are advocating for a new law, require age- appropriate notification of sex abuse. >> i want others to be empowered by that. it will save people. >> caitlin said her story is like therapy because she knows she is helping people. >> when michael gardner pled
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ago, it was during the abuse of his niece. she kept that abuse hidden, until she was 17 years old. >> and remember for anyone, you don't have to stay silent. we support the girls is holding a panel discussion tomorrow from 2:00 to 4:00. at washington lee high school. peggy fox is monitoring that event. so capitol hill leaders are asking the office of government ethics to consider if and how presidential adviser kellyanne conway should be disciplined. >> she promoted ivanka trump's fashion line federal law prohibilityds -- prohibits endorsing products
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capacity. >> all i can say, is at some point in your life, you ought to have a boss who treated me the way the president treated me today. >> it's ultimately up to president trump to determine whether conway is disciplined. the president is reportedly unhappy that press secretary sean spicer was councilled about the matter. because it made it look like she was in trouble. there's a new secretary of health and human services this evening. the senate narrowly confirming georgia tom price. here's what we know about price. he's an orthopedic surgeon. a seven-term republican and chairman of the house budget committee. price opposes president obama's healthcare law and will work with congress to repeal and possibly replace him. he opposes abortion, and the federal funding of planned parenthood. his supporters say he has, quote, a thorough understanding of healthcare policy and the damage that obama care has caused. government ethics lawyers say price has
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stocks in healthcare companies often enough to warrant study investigations. the protests are growing. over president trump's new hardline stance against undocumented workers. >> demonstrators rallied against the recent immigration sweeps. the move comes after a mother of two was deported from arizona to mexico yesterday. under president obama, she was allowed to remain in a country after being found guilty of using a fake social security number. but a new white house policy makes any criminal offense grounds for deportation. emotional picture here from new zealand tonight. volunteers forming a human chain to try and rescue dozens of whales. the effort comes after 400 of the mammals beached themselves. at least 250 of them are already dead. animal experts call it one of the worst whale strandings in new zealand's history. some of the whales swam back to
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them. others beached themselves right back in the same place. so this black history month, we are profiling a runaway slave, who smarted a lot of people, and led dozens of fellow slaves along the underground railroad to new life the. >> her courage made her an icon. today, harriet tubman is the first black woman set to be printed on u.s. currency,; we go to where her life began, on maryland's eastern shore. >> reporter: everything is gone. the plantation where she was born and the house where she was beaten. there are very few photographs of her. when you're a runaway slave, risking your life at every turn, having your picture taken probably isn't at the top of your to-do list.
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harriet tubman is a great american success story. against all odds, her actions helped change the direction of the political wind. >> so there i was. five years old. on my way back home. sick, scared. tired and in pain. >> for more than two decades, wendell and riley strand have been tailing the story. in a one-woman play called the chosen one. >> you're going to be tired and hungry, cold and scared, to prove how strong she was as a worker. they filled a canoe with boulders. and they put a bit in her mouth. and she pulled it. with her mouth. and they bet on her as they had their cognac. but we're going to keep on moving. because if you stop, you die. >> everything about her they
5:36 pm
rescued hundreds of slaves. she was never caught. >> and i run them woods. >> during the civil war, she worked as a spy and became the first woman to lead an assault. ♪ [ music ] >> after the war, tubman fought for equal rights for women. >> having no fear. because you believed so strongly in what you're doing. >> harriet tubman was born with less than nothing. as a slave, she taught us all the power of one. >> the power of one, really. >> and in the woods of dorchester county, maryland, she became invincible. >> now that i was free of the trees and the field had the look of gold. it was just like heaven. >> on the open road, scott rens berger, wusa 9news. >> next month, the tubman underground ra
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park will open on the 1 -- 104th anniversary of her death. no one knows the exact date of her birth. but just this week, a new picture was released of her. and it's believed to show her between the ages of 40 and 46. trending now. who is this comedian trying to play another member of president trump's inner circle on saturday night live? and an orange alligator lights up social media. the story behind this rust- colored reptile that's coming up. top? probably too much sunny delight. i don't know. low temps tonight. look at this. not many folks below freezing, after such a cold night last night. only 36 for a low downtown. 35 in fredericksburg. and 33 in manassas. and also leesburg and silver spring. we'll come back and talk about how warm it's going to be over the weekend. and which day you might want to plan most of your outdoor activity.
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trending now. rosie o'donnell is pushing hard to play white house aid steve bannon on saturday night live. here's the picture. o'donnell is now using on her twitter handle. now, let's show you a picture of
5:41 pm
and then as rosie herself. and then the real steve bannon. kind of looks a lot like him. >> okay. >> she really wants to play bannon and it comes after actress melissa mccarthy played press secretary sean spicer. >> basically, she invited herself to play on saturday night live. >> we'll see if they allow her to invite herself. the head of security for madison square garden has been fired for that dustup. >> that drama has been trending pretty hard. knicks owner, frank dolan. that move comes after the former knick great got into a shoving match here. with the madison square garden crew on wednesday night. oakley reportedly heckled dolan before security stepped in. the explayer said the incident turned violent, because he felt threatened when 8 to 10 security dudes rolled up on him. now, we've led
5:42 pm
even phil jackson is like, what? >> what happened? >> what happened here. >> a lot of people are asking the same question here. people scratching their heads. people living near charleston, south carolina, say they've seen this orange gator, a number of times. it's about 4 to 5 feet long. and experts say the orange may come from where the animals spent the winter. perhaps in a rusty, steel culvert pipe. >> or in a citrus pipe. >> could be. the gator will eventually shed its skin and return to a normal scarier. >> not the first time. in 2011, there was a similar one. same kind of thing. >> i just want to stay away from him, whatever color he s. >> so will he or won't he? receiver desean jackson weighs in on the possibility of staying with the burgundy and gold, coming up in sports. and after the break. what's next for president trump's travel ban. plus a look at ivanka trump's clothing line. all of tha
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talk to face
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today marks three weeks this office for president donald trump. and despite last night's ruling
5:46 pm
trump isn't ready to give up on a travel ban, targeting seven mostly muslim nations. today, the president confidently said he would win the appeal. helping us to unravel this. john dickerson. always good to have you. all week, we have been saying, the next stop for this logically was going to be the supreme court. but i understand that's developed considerably within the past hour. >> look like they are not going to appeal to the supreme court. so the question is, are they going to take care of the legal issues that the president ran into with the first one. and how long will it take for them to do that? so this is developing at the moment. but the counter puncher, donald trump, who loves a good fight, may be choosing to restrain in the legal avenue for this -- for the first executive order, in order to replace it with another one. >> which could end up with this circular judicious, we'll just have to see how it's written. want to move on to th
5:47 pm
thing here. this issue about kellyanne conway, promoting ivanka trump's clothing line. it's raising ethical issues. that's one issue. but it's one of a sea of distractions to pushes this administration off message. >> well, it depends. yes. this is a distraction because it had some real consequences. in other words, this isn't just a shiny object that goes away. i mean, the white house lawyers got involved and you've got members of congress in the republican party who say this is not something that should be done. so their actual rule that this is running afoul of. it's one of the ways in which a campaign -- run-and-gun campaign operation is bumping up against the constraints of actually being in a white house. where there are some rules you have to follow. >> yeah. there are a number of things on the agend for them for sure. chiefly among them, perhaps, getting their supreme court nominee on the bench and confirmed. i know you'll be
5:48 pm
senate democratic chuck schumer. he'll be among your guests this weekend. john dickerson. we'll see you sunday morning. i'm going to be brief about this story. d. c.'s cupid undy run will be this weekend. it benefits the children's foundation and neurofibromaatosis research. the event raised $3 1/2 million around the nation last year. the party gets under way. it's a brief one, again, at 1:00. park at 14th restaurant in mcpherson square. are you joining them, topper? >> no. no and no are the answer to those questions. >> so what they have on? undies. nothing but undies. >> what's wrong with that? >> hope they they don't have to go a long way in their long jun jun -- long johns. >> it's going to be pretty warm. they're lucking out. so enjoy. >> this is in
5:49 pm
interstate 80. >> and no one was hurt. the troopers were actually helping other motorists. and the truck driver is not hurt either. this occurred a couple of days ago. but today, we had winds in the mountains of colorado over 100 miles an hour. and denver hit 80 degrees. the earliest ever on record. so when you have wind advisories out in effect. you don't want to be driving a high-profile vehicle. and that is a high-profile vehicle. but again, no injuries for the truck. and the officers were not in the car. live look outside. courtesy of our michael and sons weather cam. pretty dry air mass. it was one of the colder mornings. coldest we've had so far in february. got down to 25 in national. mostly cloudy. not as cold. i don't think you'll be able to see the lunar eclipse. go ahead and plan outdoor activities tomorrow. milder tomorrow. yes. stray shower possible. but warmer on sunday. and a better chance of showers. primarily in the afternoon as a cold front pushes through. and even that won't be a bunch of rain. 10:00 tonight. look
5:50 pm
they're chilly, but not that cold. 39 downtown. still 33 in hagerstown. and 33 in frederick. everyone pretty much stays above freezing tonight. and by morning, we're 40 downtown. and already 42 in fredericksburg. there will be breaks in the clouds tomorrow. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. and end up mostly cloudy in the afternoon. look at the temps. despite the cloud, by 1:00, it's 60 degrees downtown. notice the arrows. it's a southwest wind. by 5:00, we're still in the low 60s and upper 50s. and then by 9:30, 10:00 tomorrow night, it's going to be mild. 50 in leesburg. 54 in fredericksburg. and we get into the late night tomorrow night. temperatures will only still drop in the 40s. tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy, not as cold. 28 to 38. winds southwest at about 10 to 15. day planner goes like this. urn 30s around 40 to start. and then temps really start moving. 53 at 11:00. and 60 -- 60 by 1:00. again, with partly sunny skies. now, sunday, mainly
5:51 pm
showers. 67. chilly on sunday, 48. next seven days. valentine's day looks nice. temps back in the 50s. and then a little colder, wednesday, thursday and friday, temps in the mid-40s. and despend pend -- depending what the storm does to the south. possible neury -- flurries of storms wednesday and thursday. now, wusa 9 game on sports. with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> you can expect a lot of changes for the redskins this off season. and a lot of folks, including myself, expecting the play making wide receiver, sean jackson to head to another team in free anxiety. but -- agency. not so much says d-jax. he wants to play and stay with the redskins. but also admitted he'll take the best offer he'll receive as a free agent this off season. jackson is coming off his second, 1,000-yard season since arriving in d.c. in 2013 -- 2014. capitals cannot be
5:52 pm
get this. it's the tenth straight game at home the caps have scored at least five goals. now, the caps chasing some history. according to the elias sports bureau. the only other nhl team with such a streak was the 1971 boston bruins. who scored five bowls. so the caps, one away from tying that record. well, you've heard this before. father time is undefeated. and it looks like it's closing in on taking another once great player in now 41-year-old tiger woods. citing back spasms, woods has withdrawn from the next two tournaments he was set to play in, which were set to start next week. this saturday fourth time in 21 worldwide starts dating back to 14 that woods has claimed the back injury and withdrawing from an official event. so this is just not going well for tiger woods. >> we built up all the hype. >> thand en -- all right. coming up at 6:00. protestors try to block the
5:53 pm
secretary from visiting a d.c. middle school. up next, a runner from virginia, chasing an amazing achievement that earned her an honor some can only dream of. then at 6:30, on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, meet a man who refused to let death interrupt dinner plans with his wife.
5:54 pm
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a lot of runners will tell you that running a marathon is no easy task.
5:56 pm
my biggest advice to you, get your wife's wife's permission first. it takes hours of training. like at least 300 miles of running in that training. and a lot of heart as well. but what about running seven marathons in seven days? hello, hip replacement. philip townsend has more on a virginia woman's achievement that is breaking records. >> pergts, australia, -- perth, australia, singapore, asia. cairo, africa, netherlands, europe. >> but the race tags. >> garden city, new york. >> tell us lisa davis's latest track. >> king george island, antarctica. >> novembers -- was not a relaxing vacation. seven marathons on seven cont tents in -- continents? just seven days. >> i've literally run all over the world. >> lisa, 7, seven 7. t
5:57 pm
returned home after the record- breaking feet -- feat. she became the first african american woman ever to complete what is known as the triple 7 quest. >> one more mile. counting down every mile. and i'm like, it's going to be done. i'm going to do it. i'm going to get it done. and i knew i would finish. but it was tough. >> reporter: the logistics are absurd. just getting from one cont nent to the next took perfect coordination. and sometimes she'd have to walk off a plane and be running within minutes. >> we did that twice for two races. and we didn't have any food, any water. we just start running a race. and it's fun. i call it partying on the pavement. >> reporter: one look at her resume, and this idea of "fun "and the crazy determination all makes sense. >> lisa has already completed well over 100 marathons. one in each state, in fact. she's also a retired u.s. marine of 25 years, with two masters degrees. >> if i want to do it, i'm going to do it. and the only thing that's going to stop me from
5:58 pm
not wanting to do it. the marine corps is good at making you believe a lot of things. >> that's why it's no surprise. on her way back from antarctica, lisa stopped back in south america to run one more race. an 8th marathon just because. >> i love it. i can't imagine my life without doing some kind of running. >> semper fi for sure. is there anything she can't do? no. daichesz is now only one of a handful of people in the world who have won 100 marathons, in all 50 states and d.c., and the triple 7 that she just completed. >> the rest of us are feeling like slackerless. thanks. right -- slackers. right now, president trump welcomes the japanese prime minister for a weekend visit. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us tonight. president trump is hosting japan's prime minister at
5:59 pm
the president promised new u.s. security measures. while new reports tonight accuse his national security adviser of discussing with the russians, u.s. sanctions against that countriful. >> reporter: president trump hosted japanese prime minister shinzo abe for talks. >> we will seek a trade relationship that is free, fair and reciprocal. >> reporter: prime minister abe laid out the reasons he thinks america still needs a trade agreement. even though the u.s. pulled out of the transpacific partnership. >> free and fair, common set of rules to be created for the free trade regime. and that was the purpose. and that's the importance that has not changed. i myself have believed that. >> the discussions itself will continue throughout the weekend, with the two leaders spending the next couple of days in florida. >> president trump did not address reports gene
6:00 pm
flynn, his national security adviser discussed u.s. sanctions with russian officials, prior to the president taking office. white house officials, including vice president mike pence, have acknowledged flynn talked with russian officials, but say sanctions were never discussed. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose a censure against russia. >> reporter: but investigators tell cbs news, flynn did talk about sanctions. the phone calls were discovered through continued electronic surveillance of russian officials. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. well, the kremlin has denied the report, saying no russian official talked about u.s. sanctions against russia, with general flynn prior to the president taking office. also at today's news conference, president trump promised to announce additional steps to improve u.s. security. the comment comes one day after a u.s. appeals court unanimously refused to trinstate his temporary ban on


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